Toshiba 6TR-188 1958
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The Toshiba 6TR-188 portable radio has been manufactured since 1958 by Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 LTD. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 (Toshiba), Kawasaki, Japan. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Superheterodyne on 6 transistors. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The AM range is 540 ... 1600 kHz. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 IF - 455 kHz. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Power supply - 9 volts. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The dimensions of the radio are 148x82.5x41 mm. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko