Okean-214 1985
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Portable radio "Ocean-214" from 1985 produced Minsk software "Horizon". The radio receiver of the 2nd group of complexity "Ocean-214" is intended for the reception of broadcasting stations in the ranges of long, medium, short and ultra-short waves. The receiver has 8 ranges: DV, ST, 5 KV and VHF. In the receiver there are auxiliary devices: smooth tone control at high and low sound frequencies, switchable VHF frequency auto tuning system, magnetic antenna of DV, SV ranges, tuning indicator, telescopic rotary antenna in HF, VHF, backlight scale, integrated power supply from a network of 220 V. The device has connectors for connection: external antenna, grounding, tape recorder to record and a miniature phone. Frequency range: DV - 148 ... 285 kHz; SV - 525 ... 1607 kHz; KV-5 - 3.95 ... 5.95 MHz; KB4 - 5.95 ... 6.20 MHz; KB3 - 7.1 ... 7.3 MHz; KB2 - 9.50 ... 9.77 MHz; KB1 - 11.7 ... 12.1 MHz; VHF - 65.8 ... 74.0 MHz. Sensitivity when receiving on an internal ferrite antenna, mV / m: in the range of DV - 0.5, in the range of CB 0.3. Sensitivity when receiving on a whip antenna, µV / m: in the range of KB 85, "‹"‹VHF 20. Selectivity on the adjacent channel with a detuning of ± 9 kHz in the ranges of LW, MW 36 dB. The range of reproducible frequencies of sound pressure, Hz: in the ranges of DV, SV, KB 125 ... 4000, VHF 125 ... 10000. The nominal output power of the receiver is 0.5 W, the maximum is 0.9 ... 1.3 W. Power consumption when working on an electrical network 5 watts. The receiver is powered from 6 elements 373. The radio receiver has a battery life of ~ 120 hours (at medium volume). The dimensions of the radio receiver are 358x256x122 mm. Weight without batteries 4.0 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko