Geolog-3 1976
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Since 1976, the wearable radio receiver Geolog-3 has produced the Dnepropetrovsk radio plant. At one time, radio stations '' Geologist '' enjoyed deserved popularity. From the beginning of 1976, the plant began to produce a new model on integrated circuits "Geologist-3". In appearance and electrical circuit, it differs little from the "Geologist-2" serial model. Main characteristics: Wave ranges: DV, NE, KV-1 75.9 ... 47.6 m, KV-2 42.5 ... 41.1 m, KV-3 31.8 ... 30.7m , KB-4 25.5 ... 24.8 m. Sensitivity when working on a ferrite antenna in the ranges: ДВ 2, СВ 1 мВ / м. When working on a telescopic antenna on the KB ranges of 400 µV. Receiver selectivity at 10 kHz offset by 34 dB. The rated power of the amplifier is 500 mW. Sound frequency band 200 ... 4000 Hz. Power is supplied from 6 elements of 373 or from an external source. The current consumption depends on the volume level and varies from 10 to 80 mA. The size of the model is 300x230x90 mm, weight 2.8 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko