Ljubava-85-stereo 1985
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Since 1985, the stationary transistor radio "Lyubava-85-stereo" has produced the Riga software "Radiotekhnika". The tuner was part of the ship's stereo complex of home radio equipment '' Lyubava-85-stereo '', consisting of two tuners and an audio frequency amplifier. The tuner was available in two versions; the first with DV ranges, SV, KV 25 ... 31 m and 41 ... 49 m, and also VHF band 65.8 ... 74 MHz with the possibility of stereo reception and the second with HF subbands 13, 16, 19 m and overview range from 60 to 130 m, as well as VHF range 88 ... 108 MHz also with the possibility of stereo reception. In any of the tuners there is a fixed setting for 4 preset radio stations in the VHF band. According to the design and its technical characteristics, the Lyubava-85-stereo tuner of both variants is close to the Radio-101-stereo tuner.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko