Giala 1968
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"Giala" in translation from Chechen into Russian means "Fallow deer". The 4th grade portable transistor radio Giala has been producing the Grozny Radio Engineering Plant since 1968. The radio receiver was developed and produced with the participation of specialists from the Voronezh Radio Works. Documentation on the radio was subsequently transferred to the Baku Radio Plant where it was produced under the name of Khazar-401 with minor constructive upgrades. The radio "Giala" was produced in 2 versions of the external design, regular and gift, in a wide range of colors of the case. Receivers were also produced with mixed color of the case, front panel and back cover. The release of the radio ended in 1971. In total for all the years, the plant produced 742.388 radio receivers. The radio receiver is made according to the superheterodyne scheme on 7 transistors and 2 semiconductor diodes and is intended for reception in the ranges: DV (150 ... 408 kHz) and SV (525 ... 1600 kHz) to a magnetic antenna. Sensitivity in the range of DV 1 mV / m, SV 2 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity in the range of DV 30 dB, CB 35 dB; selectivity on the image channel in the range of DV 40 dB, CB 30 dB. Maximum output power 270 mW, nominal 150 mW. CED 5%. The receiver includes: manual volume control with a depth of 45 dB; AGC; jack for external antenna; backlight scale. The AGC maintains the output signal level within 5 ... 7 dB, when the input signal changes by 26 dB. Powered by 2 batteries KBS-L-0.50. Current consumption in quiescent mode 7 mA, at a rated power of 40 mA. The efficiency is maintained when the power is reduced to 3.5 V. The dimensions of the receiver are 255x155x67 mm, weight without batteries is 1.5 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko