Formanta EMS-01 1985
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Electronic musical instrument "Formanta EMS-01" has been produced since 1985. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6EMI consists of a polyphonic organ and a three-octave musical synthesizer. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6EMP allows you to imitate the sound of a harpsichord, organ, vibraphone, as well as a piano. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6When performing a piece of music, you can change the sound of the EMR using effects such as three-point unison, timbre, frequency or phase vibrato, deep glissando, stereo phaser, chorus. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6It is possible to record a performance without a microphone on a tape recorder and listen to your own game using headphones. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The tool is designed to work with external UCU and AC. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The sound range of a polyphonic organ from "fa" of a large octave to "mi" of the third octave, a synthesizer of nine octaves; ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Amy's keyboard volume has five and three octaves, respectively; ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6nominal output voltage 1 V; ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6EMI dimensions 860x210x480 mm; ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6weight 30 kg. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The price is 2800 rubles. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Photos from the sites: and,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko