Elektronika 26-01 1984
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The radio with a clock and an alarm clock "Electronics 26-01" since 1984 produced the Moscow Research Institute of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology "Delta". The device consists of a radio receiver with microprocessor control and a frequency synthesizer and an alarm clock for indicating the exact time, turning on the radio at a specified time and turning it off automatically after 30 minutes. The radio is designed for reception in the bands of CB and VHF. In the CB reception is carried out on a magnetic antenna, in the VHF on the electric, in the form of a flexible metal cord. Automatic and manual search of stations is possible, which is accompanied by a sound signal defined for the selected tone range. When tuning occurs, the radio station automatically captures, which is indicated by the tuning indicator. Found stations can be recorded in memory and then selected. 14 stations can be recorded in memory, 7 in AM and 7 in FM. Listening is possible on the loudspeaker and phones. Power supply 3 elements A-316 (receiver) and 1 RC-32 (hours). Accuracy of hours per day ± 1 s. Alarm clock accuracy ± 1 min. Sensitivity in the range of SV 1.2 mV / m, VHF 10 µV. The range of reproduced sound frequencies (FM) 450 ... 5000 Hz. Maximum output power 100 mW. Dimensions receiver 142x72x22 mm. Weight 230 gr. Price 90 rubles 45 kopecks.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko