Sokol-404 1977
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The portable transistor radio "Falcon-404" from I-kv 1977 produced Moscow software "Temp". The Sokol-404 and Sokol-405 radios were developed in 1976, both had the same design, structure and circuitry, except for the HF part in the Sokol-405, which worked in the HF and HF bands. By the beginning of the release, the design of the Sokol-404 receiver was reworked. '' Falcon-404 '' is a 4th class portable superheterodyne intended for receiving programs of broadcasting stations in the Far-East and CB ranges. There are jacks for connecting the antenna, ground and headset. Power supply is carried out from 6 elements of type 316. Sensitivity in the ranges of the Far-hour 2.0 mV / m, RV 1.2 mV / m. 30 dB selectivity. Rated output power 150, maximum 300 mW. The operating frequency range is 315 ... 3550 Hz. Dimensions of the device 205x110x65 mm. Weight 600 gr. Later, the Falcon-304 and Falcon-204 models will be released, full analogs of the Falcon-404 receiver. The letter "RP" was added and the scale was changed.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko