Nevskij 1980
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Since the beginning of 1980, the portable radio receiver Nevsky has produced the Leningrad instrument-making plant Equality. The radio receiver is designed to receive radio stations on a magnetic antenna in the CB range and on a telescopic antenna in the KV range (24 ... 49 m). The sensitivity of the receiver is 1.5 mV / m in the CB range and 300 µV in the KV range. The adjacent channel selectivity is 26 dB, in the image channel in the CB range - 26 dB and 12 dB in the KV range. Rated output power 60 mW, maximum 100 mW. The range of reproducible sound frequencies 450 ... 3150 Hz. Powered by battery type Krone. The efficiency of the radio receiver is maintained when the power is reduced to 5 volts. Dimensions of the receiver 136x72x300 mm. Weight 300 gr. Price 55 rubles. Since 1981, in order to expand the range of products, the plant, together with the release of the Nevsky radio, produced the Nevsky-401 radio, which is similar in design to the electrical circuit and appearance.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko