Radiokolokol 1979
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The stationary transistor radio "Radiokolokol" since 1979 produced the Berd Radio Plant. The souvenir '' Radio Bell '' with its release was timed to the '' Olympics-80 ''. The superheterodyne radio receiver built into the souvenir allows you to receive broadcasts of broadcasting stations in the medium wave range. Main technical characteristics: The range of received waves is 571.4 ... 186.9 m (MW). Sensitivity, not worse than 3.0 mV / m. Selectivity of at least 14 dB. Maximum output power 0.4 watts. Band of reproduced sound frequencies 315 ... 3150 Hz. The souvenir is powered by two 3336L batteries connected in series. Quiescent current 15 mA. Dimensions of the souvenir - 162x235x228 mm. Weight with batteries - 0.75 kg. The price is 25 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko