SR-25 1973
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The stationary transistor radio SR-25 has been produced since 1973. The manufacturer is not installed. Souvenir table lamp with a radio is a great gift for the smoker. It gives you the opportunity to quietly smoke alone in the light of a 25-watt lamp, listen to the latest news or a popular song through the built-in radio and finally don"™t look for an ashtray, as it is part of a souvenir. The radio receiver is assembled according to the direct amplification scheme and operates in the DV and SV ranges on an internal magnetic antenna. Rated output power 80 mW. The frequency range of 300 ... 3000 Hz is smeared down with the loudspeaker diffuser. The lamp is powered from the mains directly, and the receiver through the built-in power supply. Photo provided by Valery Manyuk, Minsk.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko