MS-61/B 1961
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The aircraft recorder "MS-61" ("MS-61B"), presumably since 1961, was produced by the Gorky Plant named after G.I. Petrovsky. Aircraft recorder "MS-61" is designed to record speech from the outputs of radios or SPU with a signal level of 5 ... 120 V and autonomous recording from laryngophones of the type "LA-5" or a subscriber headset of the type "AG-2" with a signal level of 0, 15 ... 3 V. Aircraft tape recorder "MS-61B" differs from a tape recorder "MS-61" in the design of the recorder and its connection to the power supply and is intended for installation in an armored casing. Voice recording on a tape recorder is made on a wire sound carrier with a diameter of 0.05 mm.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko