Giala-303 1984
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Since 1984, the Giala-303 portable radio has been producing the Grozny Radio Engineering Plant. '' Giala-303 '' is a portable radio receiver of the 3rd difficulty group. It is intended for reception in the ranges of DV, SV, KB and VHF. The KB range is divided into two subband ranges, KB1 and KB2. The receiver has an automatic frequency control (AFC) and silent tuning on VHF, treble tone control, fine tuning indicator, switch on indication. External antenna, grounding, telephones can be connected to the receiver. Power is supplied from 6 A-343 elements or from the network through the built-in power supply unit. Specifications: Ranges: DV 148 ... 285 kHz. MW 525 ... 1607 kHz. HF-1 5.95 ... 7.3 MHz. HF-2 9.5 ... 12.1 MHz. VHF 65.8 ... 74 MHz. IF in the ranges: DV, SV, KB 465 kHz. VHF 10.7 MHz. Receiver sensitivity at reception: to a magnetic antenna, not worse: DV 2 mV / m. SW 1 mV / m. On a telescopic antenna, not worse than KV - 0.4 mV / m. VHF - 0.05 mV / m. Selectivity on the adjacent channel in the ranges of DV, SV, not less than 30 dB. Action AGC from the level of 100 mV / m: change the signal level at the input 40 dB, change the signal level at the output, no more than 8 dB. Band of reproduced frequencies: LW, MW 250 ... 3550 Hz. VHF 250 ... 7100 Hz. Output power: maximum 2 watts, nominal 1 watts. Quiescent current 35 mA. Receiver dimensions 265x168x62 mm. Weight 1.8 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko