Sokol-310 1984
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Radio "Sokol-310" since 1984 produced the Moscow software "Temp". Radio "Sokol-310" provides reception of radio programs in the ranges of DV, ST. Radio reception is carried out on the internal magnetic antenna. It is possible to connect an external antenna and a miniature phone. The receiver is powered by four elements of the type "316". The receiver housing is made of impact-resistant polystyrene with decorative plastic trim. The export version of the model with the name "Sokol-310" was supplied to a number of socialist countries. In 1990, the plant began production of the receiver with the name "Falcon RP-310", the design and electrical circuit is similar to that described. This option was not exported, and in 1991 it was replaced with the "Falcon RP-210" receiver. Brief technical characteristics of the models: Maximum sensitivity of the RP in the ranges; DV - 1.5, NE - 0.8 mV / m. Frequency range 450 ... 3150 Hz. The rated output power of the amplifier is 0.1, the maximum is 0.2 watts. Dimensions of the receiver 155x83x36 mm. Weight 350 gr.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko