Otdykh 1965
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A portable transistor radio "Rest" since 1965 was produced by the Kyshtym Radio Plant. Class 2 radiol with self-powered Recreation is based on the Ether-M radiol chassis and is a desktop-portable type superheterody assembled on 9 transistors and combined with an electronic control unit. Radiola is designed to receive in the ranges of LW, NE and HF on the external and internal magnetic antennas and playback of the record. In the HF range, reception is from an external antenna. The HF range is divided into 3 subbands. EPU has 3 speeds of rotation of a disk. Sensitivity when working from a magnetic antenna: at 1.2 mV / m LW, 0.6 mV / m NE. From an external antenna: LW - 65 μV, CB - 50 μV, HF - 30 μV. Adjacent Channel Selectivity 36 dB. Attenuation of the mirror channel: LW - 40 dB, CB - 30 dB, HF - 15 dB. The IF is 465 kHz. The band of reproduced frequencies when receiving 150 ... 4000 Hz, when playing back a recording of 150 ... 10000 Hz. Rated output power 500 mW. Power supply 6 A-373 batteries. The current consumed by the receiver in the absence of a signal of 14 mA. The operation of the receiver is maintained when the supply voltage is reduced to 4 V. The duration of the receiver at an average volume of A-373 elements is about 200 hours. Sensitivity from a pickup at a rated power of 120 mV. Dimensions of the model are 320x340x160 mm. Weight is 7.8 kg. The detachable, lockable top cover of the radio is also the radio sound system. The radiol batch was produced complete with an external power supply, so this model was called the "Radiol on transistors" Rest "with universal power."
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko