Lel'-22 1984
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The electric musical instrument "Lel-22" has been produced since 1984 by the Moscow Plant of Calculating and Analytical Machines (CAM) named after V.D. Kalmykov, its branch in Armenia and the Lyubertsy Plant of Electric Musical Instruments. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The small-sized portable electric musical instrument "Lel-22" reproduces the voices of various instruments: electric piano, harpsichord, classical and pop organ, banjo. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6It is a portable, easy-to-operate, practical, inexpensive, musically capable instrument that can be used in professional or amateur ensembles, in schools and for home music playing. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6The volume of the keyboard is 4 octaves. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Regulated registers - 8', 4', 2'(1), 2'(2). ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Adjustable effects - phase vibrato, attack, sustain, glissando. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Glissando allows you to smoothly shift the musical range down an octave, while the registers become: 16',8',4'(1), 4'(2). ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6In EMP, with the help of attack variations, sustain allows you to get sounds: electric piano, organ, harpsichord, celesta, banjo. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Specification: Temperament accuracy 0.04%. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Supply voltage 220 V. Dimensions 970x300x100 mm. ,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6Weight 10 kg.,d79f3353813f458ef00a8442f9b7b2b6,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko