VEF-214 1985
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A portable radio receiver of the 2nd class "VEF-214" has been produced by Riga VEF since 1985. The radio operates in the ranges of LW, CB, HF (three sub-bands) and VHF. The radio receiver provides: AFC; AGC; squelch; LED indication of setting; jacks of an external antenna, tape recorder, telephones. The receiver is powered from the network or from six elements of the A-373. Sensitivity in the ranges: LW - 1.5 mV / m; SV - 0.7mV / m; KB - 300 μV; VHF - 50 uV. AM selectivity is 26 dB. Range of reproduced sound frequencies: AM - 150 ... 4000 Hz; FM - 150 ... 10000 Hz. Rated output power - 0.25 watts. The dimensions of the radio are 247x297x80 mm. Weight 2.3 kg. The price is 110 rubles. ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko