Selena-223 1990
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The portable radio receiver "Selena-223" since 1990 has been producing the Grodno plant "Radiopribor". The "Selena-223" is an export version of the "Ocean RP-225" radio receivers ("Veras RP-225"), which is similar to them and differs in the HF subband frequencies. Portable semiconductor receiver of the second group of complexity "Selena-223" is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in 9 bands: LW, SW (2), KV (5) and VHF. Turning the receiver on and off, band switching and tuning to the radio station frequency - electronic. The receiver has such auxiliary devices as: AFC, noiseless tuning system for VHF, indicators of the included range, on indicator, indicator of battery discharge when working in autonomous mode, manual adjustment of the low and high tones. Universal power supply, from a network of 220 volts or 6 elements 343.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko