Kvarc-406 1980
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The Kvarts-406 portable radio receiver has been producing the Kyshtym Radio Factory since the beginning of 1980. Radio '' Quartz-406 '' or its export version '' Quartz-406 '' was created on the basis of the radio '' Quartz-404 '' and except for the HF range, instead of DV, it is similar in construction of the electrical circuit and design. Radio "Quartz-406" is designed to receive broadcasting stations operating in 2 bands CB - 525 ... 1605 kHz and HF - 5.75 ... 12.2 MHz. Reception in both bands is made on a magnetic antenna. Sensitivity in the ranges of SV - 1.0 mV / m, KV - 0.05 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity is 20 dB. The range of reproducible sound frequencies is 450 ... 3150 Hz. Rated output power 100 mW. The receiver is powered by a "Krona" type battery or a "7D-0.1" type battery. The dimensions of the radio are 170x100x40 mm, the mass is 480 grams without battery.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko