Etjud 1967
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Portable transistor radio "Etude" from 1967 produced the Minsk Radio Plant. The receiver is assembled on 7 transistors and 3 diodes. It is intended for reception in the ranges of DV and CB. The receiver differs from others in the use of a transformerless amplifier. The small dimensions of the radio receiver 136x76x24 mm and the weight of 250 grams put it into the category of really pocket receivers. The power source is a battery type Krone. Stabilizing the bias of the base circuits of the transistors allows you to maintain sensitivity when the power source is discharged to 3 volts. The real sensitivity of the receiver in the DV range is about 2 mV / m, in the SV range 1.2 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity is 16 dB, and 26 dB in the specular one. Maximum output power 100 mW. CED 3%. The receiver used a miniature speaker 0,1GD-9. Reception is carried out on a magnetic antenna, but it is possible to connect an external antenna. Receiver battery life is about 50 hours. In 1968, the receiver was upgraded with the same name. About this option information in the directory Belova, Dryzgo.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko