Ukraina-201 1971
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Since 1971, the portable radio receivers Meridian-201 and Ukraine-201 have been producing the Kiev plant Radiopribor. Portable receivers of class 2 "Meridian-201" and "Ukraine-201" are assembled according to the same electrical circuit and design, and differ only in name and design. They are designed to receive radio stations operating in the range of long, medium and short waves. HF range is divided into 4 sub-bands. Reception on all bands is conducted on a magnetic antenna, and on KV also on a telescopic one. All cascades of receivers, with the exception of the pre-terminal and output stages of the low-frequency amplifier, are performed on integrated circuits. There are 3 integrated circuits in the receiver: a local oscillator and a frequency converter; IF amplifier and detector; pre-amplifier stages. The use of integrated circuits led to the reworking of the Meridian receiver circuit. Minor changes have undergone only the input circuits and the resonant circuits of the local oscillator. The output rated power of the radio is 0.4 watts. They work on one loudspeaker 1GD-28. Power supply from 6 cells 343 or from 2 3336L batteries connected in series. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 275x200x78 mm, weight 1.8 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko