Sokol-403 1971
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Portable radio receivers Sokol-M and Sokol-403 were produced from 1970 and 1971 by the Moscow Radio Plant. The radio "Sokol-M" is based on the receiver "Sokol" and works on the Far East and ST. Sensitivity 3 and 1 mV / m. Selectivity of about 20 dB. Its scheme is almost the same as the Sokol receiver, only the P-422 HF transistors are replaced with GT-309, and the P-14 and P-15 woofers with GT-108. The parameters of the receiver have changed little, and its nominal output power decreased to 50 mW, respectively, the battery life of the Krona-VTs increased to 100 hours. The design of the radio receiver was like that of the Sokol-403 receiver produced since 1971. Radio '' Sokol-403 '' is designed for reception in the ranges of LW and ST. Reception is made on an internal magnetic or external antenna. Sensitivity to LW, MW to the internal antenna 1 and 0.5 mV / m; adjacent channel selectivity of 20 dB. The AGC system provides a change in output voltage by 10 dB when the input voltage changes by 26 dB. The frequency range of 450 ... 3000 Hz. Powered by a Krona VTs battery or a 7D-0.1 battery. Included is a charger that provides battery charge without removal. The efficiency of the model is maintained when the power is reduced to 5.6 V. The dimensions of the receiver are 157x92x30mm. Mass 400 gr. Includes leather case. RP "Falcon-403" was produced before 1982. It was produced for export with several titles. Produced in the same set of parts and components for self-assembly of the receiver.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko