Radiotekhnika EP-101S 1983
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The electric player "Radio Engineering EP-101-stereo" from the beginning of 1983 produced the Riga Radio Factory named after AS Popov. The electric player is designed for high-quality reproduction of mechanical recording from mono or stereo records of all formats. The device is used EPU type I-EPU-70S (CM) with a magnetic head "GZM-105D" (MD) and low-speed engine TSK-1. Control and installation of the clamping force of the cartridge on the scale of the counterweight, visual control and adjustment of the disc rotation speed using the built-in strobe light, fixing and keeping the pickup in the off position, as well as adjusting the rolling force using a lever compensator, an electromagnetic microlift and a self-stop are provided. The frequency of rotation of the disk 33.33 and 45.11 rev / min. Knock factor 0.15%. The relative level of boom with a weighing filter of -55 dB. The background level is -54 dB. Pickup force pickup 15 ± 3 mN. The operating frequency range is 31.5 ... 16000 Hz. The crosstalk between the channels at frequencies: 315 Hz - 15 dB, 1000 Hz - 20 dB, 10,000 Hz - 6 dB. Power consumption 25 watts. Dimensions of EP - 430x330x160 mm. Weight 10 kg. Price 160 rubles. In 1985, the ES was modernized.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko