Rif 1990
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Since 1990, the portable radio receiver Reef has been producing the Ulyanovsk radio-tube factory. Development of the Riga Orbita design bureau. The radio works in the ranges of DV, ST and four HF. Reception on the ST and DV ranges is carried out on a magnetic antenna, on the HF to an external plug-in tape antenna. The sensitivity on the DV, NE - 0.6 ... 1.2 mV / m, for all HF is no worse than 200 µV. Selectivity of at least 36 dB. The rated output power is 250 mW. The audio frequency range is 315 ... 3500 Hz. Powered by 7 internal batteries. There is a charger, a treble tone control, battery charge control. There is a jack for a small headset and a jack for connecting an external amplifier or tape recorder for recording.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko