Selena RP-306 1991
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Since 1988, the small-sized radio receivers Selena RP-405 and Selena RP-406 produced the Minsk Order of the October Revolution of Horizon. Receivers are designed to receive programs broadcasting stations in the ranges of long or medium and short waves. In the range of DV, CB reception is conducted on the built-in magnetic antenna, in the range of KV to telescopic. Turning on the receiver marks the LED indicator. The receiver"™s operating time at an average loudness from the "Corundum" element is not less than 25 hours (at operation no more than 4 hours per day). The models have a jack for a miniature phone TM-4. Main technical characteristics: Ranges: DV (RP-405), SV (RP-406), HF 11.7 ... 12.1 MHz common for both models. Sensitivity in the range of DV 3.5 mV / m, SV 1.5 mV / m, KV 0.25 mV / m. Selectivity on the adjacent channel in the ranges of DV, ST not less than 20 dB. Frequency range for sound pressure 450 ... 3150 Hz. Maximum output power 0.12 watts. Powered by Corundum battery. Dimensions of the receiver 150x76x26.5 mm. Weight 240 gr. Since 1991, the plant transferred the models to the 3rd group of complexity, after which they were called "Selena RP-305" and "Selena RP-306".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko