Horizont 51/54-CTV-655-2 1995
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The television receiver of the color image "Horizont 51/54-CTV-655-2" since 1995 was produced by Minsk software "Horizon". TV "Horizont 51/54 CTV-655 - stationary color on a kinescope with a screen diagonal of 51 or 54 cm, providing reception in the MF, UHF and cable frequency bands of the D / K standards using PAL and SECAM systems RF. The TV uses an all-wave channel selector, a synthesizer for 90 programmable channels, an auto white balance, a switching power supply with auto power off and standby modes. The TV has a monitor version, with control elements located at the bottom of the panel. Remote control of all TV modes has been implemented. Integrated circuits, SAW filters, piezoceramic filters and quartz resonators have been used. The TV channel sensitivity in the MB range is 40 μV, UHF is 70 μV; horizontal resolution is at least 400 lines ; nominal output power of the sound channel 2 W; reproducible frequency range of sound pressure 150 ... 10,000 Hz; power consumption 65 W; dimensions of the TV are 500x490x475 mm; weight 24 kg At the TV with a screen diagonal of 51 cm, respectively, slightly smaller dimensions, weight and power consumed from the network.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko