Al'pinist-229 2000
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Radio receiver VHF-FM "Mountaineer-229" was produced since 2000 by the Voronezh Radio Plant PO Polyus. The radio works in the range of 60 ... 75 MHz. Sensitivity to a 10 µV standby antenna. Rated output power 300 mW. The range of reproducible sound frequencies is 200 ... 7000 Hz. Radio "Mountaineer-229" has four fixed settings, each of which (potentiometer) is also a smooth tuning over the entire range. The choice of setting (potentiometer) is determined by a four-way switch. Radio "Mountaineer-229" was the last model of the plant in the line of radio receivers series "Mountaineer". In 2005, the plant went bankrupt.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko