Kvarc RP-218 1994
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Small-sized radio receivers "Quartz RP-217" and "Quartz RP-218" since 1994 produced Kyshtym radio plant. `` Quartz RP-217 '' operates in the FM band - 65.8 ... 74 MHz and FM - 88 ... 108 MHz. Sensitivity limited by noise in the FM 500 μV FM band, in the 350 μV FM band. Rated output power 80 mW, maximum 120 mW. The range of sound frequencies reproduced by the loudspeaker is 250 ... 4000 Hz. The receiver is powered by three AA elements. Current consumption at an average volume of about 50 mA. Dimensions of the radio receiver 142x75x40 mm. Weight 220 gr. The Quartz RP-218 radio receiver does not have a range of 88 ... 108 MHz. The first releases of the receivers came with a telescopic antenna, which was soon replaced by a piece of wire placed in the transfer cord. Sensitivity and so low, almost doubled.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko