Nota-101-stereo 1986
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The reel stationary tape recorder "Note-101-stereo" was developed at the beginning of 1986 by the Novosibirsk Electromechanical Plant. The reel stationary tape recorder of the first complexity group "Note-101-stereo" is built on the principle of block design. It consists of three blocks, two blocks belong to the console itself, the third block is an audio pre-amplifier. The tape recorder is equipped with an indicator of the peak values "‹"‹of the recorded and reproduced signal, which can be switched off by the Noise Reduction System (SHMP), by automatically adjusting the speed of pulling and the tension of the magnetic tape. Mp is provided for; adjustable mixing; a memory device working with a tape consumption meter; there is a function for monitoring the recorded signal in the recording mode. Specifications MP: The speed of movement of the magnetic tape 9.5 and 19.0 cm / sec. Number of recording tracks 4. The band of recorded frequencies at a speed of 9.5 cm / s - 30 ... 22.000 Hz, at a speed of 19.0 cm / s - 20 ... 32.000 Hz. Knock factor 0.1%. Power consumption from the network -100 watts. Overall dimensions of the tape recorder - 405x340x190 mm. The weight of the kit is 20 kg. Approximate price - 1760 rubles. The model, for various reasons, did not go into mass production.
Based on information from collection of Valery Khartchenko