Lira RP 241-4 1995
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Radio "Lira RP 241-4" since 1995 produced JSC Izhevsk Radio Plant. The number 4 in the name means 4 fixed settings. The receiver is designed to receive programs of broadcasting stations in the VHF range. Power is supplied from the AC network or from a 12 V DC power supply. The range of received frequencies is 65.8 ... 108.0 MHz. The frequency range of the sound pressure is no longer 315 ... 6300 Hz. Sensitivity is not worse than 5 mV. Maximum output power of at least 1 watt. Power consumption not more than 5 watts. The overall dimensions of the receiver are 181x174x85 mm. Weight 1.5 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko