Leningrad-004 1975
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The portable radio "Leningrad-004" from 1975 produced the Leningrad plant "Radiopribor". The Leningrad-004 is an export version of the Leningrad-002 serial receiver. The radio receiver provides high-quality listening of programs of radio stations in the ranges DV, SV, HF and VHF. In the HF range, the receiver operates from 13 to 50 meters. The VHF band had two frequency options, 64 ... 73 MHz or 88 ... 108 MHz (86.6 ... 110), it depended on the country to which the receiver was exported. The radio has the ability to lock the three settings in the VHF band. There are tone controls for high and low frequencies, speech-solo switch, dial tone and power indicator, two tuning scales, tape recorder connection for recording, electric player for listening to recording through the amplifier of the receiver, acoustic system, external antenna, grounding and headphones. The receiver is assembled on 36 transistors and a chip. The wooden case is lined with fine wood veneer, the front and back walls of the case are made of polystyrene. Receiver weight without batteries 9 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko