Mars-2 1988
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The direct amplification radio Mars-2 allegedly since 1988 was produced by the Kuibyshev instrument-making plant. The radio receiver was created on the basis of the Mars receiver, which was also produced as a radio designer and as assembled. The radio "Mars-2" was produced only assembled. The release of the model for some reason was low-volume. By construction, the receiver is similar to the base, however there are differences. Circuit board and loudspeaker others. The radio works in the ranges DV and CB. The sensitivity to a magnetic antenna is about 6 mV / m. Selectivity 6 ... 8 dB. Frequency range 300 ... 3550 Hz. Rated output power 70, maximum 150 mW. Powered by a voltage of 9 volts from the battery "Krona".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko