Hitachi TH-667 1958
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The Hitachi TH-667 portable radio has been manufactured since 1958 by the Japanese company Hitachi Ltd. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 This is a superheterodyne on six transistors. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The AM range is 535 ... 1605 kHz. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 IF - 455 kHz. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Sensitivity 2 mV / m. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Selectivity is about 22 dB. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 AGC (as indeed everyone else). ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Rated output power 75 mW, maximum 150 mW. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The range of reproduced sound frequencies is 240 ... 3800 Hz. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Powered by 4 AA batteries - 6 volts. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Dimensions of the model are 170x110x44 mm. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The radio was available in three colors of the case, pale pink, light blue and light green. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The receiver was exported to the USA. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 The price of the model in the first year of sales is $ 45. ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 Photos and information about the model are taken from the sites and ,8caa42f5a9df53968033bf99609e44f6 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko