Signal RP-206 1989
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Since 1987, the Signal-306 portable radio receiver (Maestro) has produced the Kamensk-Ural instrument-making plant. Radio Signal-306 is a combined device (radio timer) that performs the functions of an electronic clock and radio. The clock provides an indication of time, the signaling of the beginning of each hour with a sound signal, turning on the sound signal at the right time, automatically turning on the radio receiver at a specified time and turning off after 30 minutes work. The clock is powered by one element of the SC-32 type. The receiver is powered by a Krona-VTs battery. Wave ranges: DV - 148 ... 285; SV - 525 ... 1607 kHz, sensitivity, limited by noise, in the range: DV - 1.2; SV - 0.8 mV / m; adjacent channel selectivity - 28 dB; output power of the low-frequency amplifier (maximum) 0.15 W; range of reproduced sound frequencies 450 ... 3150 Hz; dimensions of the device - 164x38x93 mm; weight 0.42 kg. The price is 50 rubles 60 kopecks. Since 1989, the plant has manufactured the Signal RP-206 receiver, in design and design, the same as described above.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko