Al'pinist 1964
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The portable climber "Mountaineer" was produced since 1964 by the Voronezh and Grozny radio plants. The radio climber became the first in the line of subsequent models 2 and 3. The general release of the model was completed in 1971. The development of the receiver was started in 1963 on the basis of the Atmosphere-2M receiver. Compared with it, the new receiver has higher electro-acoustic parameters and external design. The radio is designed to receive in the ranges of LW and CB. Sensitivity in the ranges: LW 2.5 mV / m, CB 1.5 mV / m. Selectivity for adjacent and mirror channels 26 ... 30 dB. Rated output power 150 mW, maximum 270 mW. The range of reproducible frequencies is 300 ... 3500 Hz. Powered by two KBS-L-0.5 batteries. The dimensions of the receiver are 215x145x60 mm. Weight with 1.5 kg batteries.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko