VEF-206 1973
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Since 1973 the portable radio receiver "VEF-206" has produced the Riga Electrotechnical Plant VEF. The radio receiver "VEF-206" is an export version of the model "VEF-202". The radio was also produced under the name '' VEGA-206 ''. The model has a sub-bands of short waves from 13 to 187.5 meters. The free position of the range switch in the radio "VEF-202" here is occupied by the sixth HF range. The receiver is powered by six R-20 type elements. The current consumption in the absence of a signal does not exceed 14 mA, and at a rated output power not more than 35 ... 50 mA. A set of fresh batteries at an average volume is enough for 200 hours of work. The dimensions of the radio receiver "VEF-206" are 305Ñ…240Ñ…105 mm, its weight is 2.7 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko