Gorizont-219 1980
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Portable radio "Horizon-219 Olympic" since the beginning of 1980 produced the Minsk radio plant. The radio is based on the Ocean-209 production model. It is designed to work in DV, SV, VHF, as well as in 5 KB stretched subbands and has separate timbre control for the highest and lowest audio frequencies, tuning indicator, automatic frequency tuning in the VHF band. Universal power supply: from 6 elements of 373 or from the AC network through the built-in power supply. There is a signal output for recording programs on a tape recorder. The receiver has a backlight scale and a telescopic antenna fixed in any of the 2 positions of inclination at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees. Sensitivity with a magnetic antenna in the range of DV - 1 mV / m, SV - 0.7 mV / m, with a telescopic antenna in the KB-I sub-bands ... IV 150, KB-V 250 µV, VHF range 35 µV. Band of reproducible frequencies in the AM 125 ... 4000 path, FM 125..10000 Hz. Rated output power 0.5, maximum 1.5 watts. Dimensions of RP 358x254x124 mm. Weight 4.6 kg. Price 159 rubles. 22 kopecks
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko