Elektronika-004S 1983
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Since 1983, the tape prefix "Electronics-004" has been produced by the Fryazinsky plant "Rhenium" as part of the NPO "Istok". Reverse 4-track 2-speed stereo MP of the highest complexity group, designed for high-quality recording of speech and music programs on A4409-6B tape with subsequent or simultaneous reproduction through an external stereo amplifier with speakers and to stereo phones. Belt speed 19.05; 9.53 cm / s. The working frequency range at the linear output: at a speed of 19.05 cm / s, no longer 31.5 ... 22000 Hz, at a speed of 9.53 cm / s; not already 31.5 ... 16000 Hz. Power consumption 130 watts. Dimensions MP 495x458x220 mm. Weight 27 kg. Later, the Kiev plant Generator and the Saratov Experimental Plant of Precision Equipment produced similar MPs with the names Electronics-004K and Electronics-004C. Since 1984, the Fryazinsky plant "Reny" based on the MP "Electronics-004" produced a multi-channel recorder of operational dispatch communication with the name "Electronics-004D".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko