Meridian 1967
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Radio "Meridian" from 1967 produced the Kiev plant "Radio". The radio "Meredian" is designed to receive radio stations in the ranges of DV, SV and KV, developed by 4 sub-bands, 3 stretched (25, 31, 41) and 1 semi-stretched (49 ... 75 m). In terms of electro-acoustic parameters, the receiver meets the requirements for portable models of class 2, and surpasses them in sensitivity and selectivity in the adjacent and specular channels in the CB and AGC range. One of the important operational advantages in comparison with other similar receivers is the presence of a magnetic antenna, in addition to the telescopic on the shortwave subranges, operating with sufficiently high efficiency. The receiver circuit is made on 10 transistors. The receiver was also produced for export, the difference of which was only in the inscriptions in English. The main parameters of the receiver are as follows: The real sensitivity when receiving a magnetic antenna in the range of the Far East - 1.5 mV / m, SV - 0.8 mV / m, KV-1 ... KB-IV - 0.4 mV / m, on telescopic antenna in the ranges CB-I ... KBIII 50 µV, KV-IV 100 µV. Selectivity to the neighboring channel (with 10 kHz detuning) is not worse than 46 dB. Selectivity on the mirror channel in the ranges: DV 40 dB, CB 30 dB, and KB 12 dB. AGC works in such a way that when the voltage at the receiver input changes by 40 dB, the output voltage changes by 6 dB. The rated output power of the receiver is 150 mW with a non-linear distortion factor of 7%. Maximum output power 350 mW. The 1GD-28 loudspeaker frequency band is 200 ... 4000 Hz. Average sound pressure at rated power 0.25 N / m. The receiver is powered by 2 KBSL-0.5 batteries or from 6 cells of type 343. The current consumption in silence mode is 11 mA, and at a rated output power of 50 mA. The dimensions of the radio are 260x155x69. Its weight is 1.8 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko