Vega 1968
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The portable transistor radio "Vega" from 1968 to 1972 produced the Berd radio plant. "Vega" is the first portable transistor receiver of the Berdsk radio plant. It was created on the basis of the model "Riga-301B" of the Riga Plant named after Popov in 1966 of release. Until the end of 1968, the radio "Vega" had a look similar to the base model. The portable radio receiver of the 4th class "Vega" is intended for the reception of radio stations in the bands DV, SV to the magnetic antenna. Sensitivity in the ranges of DV - 2.5, SV - 1.5 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity is 26 dB. The band of reproduced sound frequencies is 350 ... 3500 Hz. The rated output power of the speaker 0.25 DG-1 - 150 mW. The receiver has sockets for an external loudspeaker, headset, outdoor antenna and ground. The radio is powered by two KBSL-336 batteries, with a total voltage of 9 volts or by a Krone battery. The dimensions of the receiver are 203x110x52 mm, the mass without batteries is 750 g. Price - 36 rubles 80 kopecks. Berd Radio Plant finished the production of the radio "Vega" in November 1971, replacing it with a new radio receiver "Vega-402".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko