Rossija RP-208 1993
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The portable radio receiver "Russia RP-208" was supposedly produced since 1993 by the Chelyabinsk PO Flight. The radio receiver operates in the ranges: LW 148.5 ... 283.5 kHz; CB 576.5 ... 1606.5 kHz; KV-2 5.8 ... 7.3 MHz; KV-1 9.5 ... 12.1 MHz. The radio receiver provides: the ability to connect an external antenna; external power supply; Headphones scale backlight; on / off switch for high and low tones; fine tuning adjustment in HF bands; station indicator light. Power supply 6 V. Dimensions of the model 198x115x37.5 mm. Weight 0.6 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko