Al'pinist-321 1986
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Portable radio "Alpinist-321" from I-kv 1986 released Voronezh PO "Polyus". The radio receiver is a two-band LW, CB super local varying local oscillator with battery power and from the electrical network through a remote power supply. Frequency range: LW 148.5..283.5 kHz, CB 526.5..1606.5 kHz. The sensitivity of the radio receiver to the internal magnetic antenna in the range DV 1.5, MW 0.7 mV / m. 30 dB selectivity. Rated output power 500, maximum 800 mW. The range of sound frequencies - 200 ... 3550 Hz. Food from 4 A-343 elements. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 230x56x142 mm, its weight is 850 g. Since 1987, the receiver was named as "Mountaineer RP-321".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko