Kosmos-M 1965
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Compact transistor radios "Cosmos" and "Cosmos-M" from 1963 and 1965 produced Sarapulsky radio plant them. Ordzhonikidze. Since 1962, a group of engineers led by Ing. N.I.Isupov began the creation of new compact transistor receivers. Many samples of receivers were made before releasing in October 1963 their first serial miniature radio on the palm of the '' Cosmos '' radio. Their work was richly rewarded. The receivers immediately gained fame and popularity both in our country and later abroad (Cuba, Greece, Libya, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Belgium, England). Radios "Cosmos" along with other products participated in exhibitions, for example, at EXPO-70 in Osaka, Japan. Radio Cosmos was produced in 2 versions. The first option is designed to receive radio stations only in the range of the Far East, the second only CB. The receiver is powered by two "D-0,1" disk batteries. It is possible to turn on the phone "TM-4". The body is made of colored plastic. To protect against damage, the receiver is placed in a leather case. Receiver dimensions - 27x60x70 mm. Its mass is 150 g. Price with batteries is 36 rubles 22 kopecks. In 1965, the radio receiver was partially changed and received the name Cosmos-M. In all other respects, there is no difference. For some time, both receivers were produced jointly in different versions of the exterior design, with different handles, inscriptions, body color, and also in the export version with the names "Cosmos", "Yura" and "Clobus".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko