Sokol 1963
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The portable transistor radio "Falcon" from I quarter of 1963 produced the Moscow Radio Works. Portable transistor radio 4th class "Falcon" is a seven transistor superheterodyne operating in the ranges of the Far East and SV. The sensitivity of the receiver is 1.2 mV / m in the Far East and 0.6 mV / m in the SV range. The intermediate frequency is 465 kHz. The adjacent channel selectivity is 26 ... 30 dB. The rated output power of the receiver for the 0.1GD-6 loudspeaker is 100 mW, the maximum one is 180 mW. Power is supplied from a battery of type "Krona" or a battery of type 7D-01. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 152x90x35 mm, weight is 420 g. A leather case is included in the radio receiver kit. To increase the attractiveness of the model, the radio receiver was produced in several versions of the exterior design and color range. The leather cases for the radio were also decorated differently. Radio "Sokol" became the most massive model of factories, it was produced until 1971, including for export. Together, the plant produced a set of radio constructors for self-assembly and adjustment of the Sokol radio receiver to a similar industrial one, but in a different design. Separately, the plant produced and the building itself, which could be found in the shops of country food products until the end of 1975.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko