Kosmos 1962
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Compact radio "Cosmos" was developed in the IRPA and was experimentally released in 1962. In the early sixties of the twentieth century, unprecedented progress began in the USSR. New cities, factories were built, space ships were launched into space, and the life of the Soviet people was improving. In the radio industry, hundreds of new radio equipment models were developed, including small-sized transistors. The developers tried to create full-featured models with minimal dimensions and weight. One of these models, a compact radio "Cosmos" in front of you. "Cosmos" is one of the prototypes of the well-known "Cosmos" radio receiver, which has been mass-produced since 1963 by the Sarapul Radio Plant. Ordzhonikidze. The prototype exceeded the serial model in many ways, had low costs, was easier to manufacture and customize, but did not go into the series like many others and now no one knows for what reasons. In the name "Cosmos" there is perhaps the main theme of those years - the cosmic epic. The radio receiver is assembled on a superheterodyne scheme on four micromodules (these are assemblies of the type of modern microcircuits, but on larger elements). The radio has ranges of DV and ST. The sensitivity of the model to a magnetic antenna is 3 ... 5 mV / m. Selectivity of about 20 dB. The rated output power is 50 mW and the maximum 120 mW. Food is carried out from the battery Krone. There is a headphone jack.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko