Geolog-2 1972
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Portable transistor radio "Geologist-2" from 1972 produced the Dnepropetrovsk radio plant. The model is made on the basis of a serial radio "Geolog", differing from it using three chips of the "K237" series. They work in the frequency converter, the local oscillator, OTF, the detector and the pre-amplifier LF. To ensure high selectivity in the adjacent channel, the piezoceramic filter used in the "Geolog" model was replaced by a four-circuit FSS. For raising the frequency response in the region of the lowest sound frequencies, a T-shaped low-pass filter is included at the input of the ULF. As in the receiver "Geologist", a 1GD-39 loudspeaker is installed here. Rated output power 0.5 watts. The receiver is powered by 6 elements 373. The dimensions of the model are 290x190x90 mm, its mass is 3 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko