Mrija 1967
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The 3rd-class portable radar "Mriya" since 1967 was produced by the Dnepropetrovsk radio plant. Radiol is intended for reception in the ranges: LW, MW, two HF sub-bands and for playing normal and (or) long-playing records. The range of sound frequencies when receiving - 300 ... 3500 Hz, when playing records - 200 ... 5000 Hz. Rated output power 250 mW, maximum 600 mW. 46 dB selectivity. Powered by 6 elements Saturn. Reception is maintained when the voltage drops to 5.6 V, the record playback is up to 6.3 V. The batteries are enough for 150 hours of reception or for 50 hours of operation of the EPU. The dimensions of the radiogram are 85x165x270 mm, the weight with batteries is 3.6 kg. The model is developed on the basis of the radio "Sport-2".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko