Mikro-S 1969
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Miniature radio "Micro-S" has been experimentally produced since 1969. There is practically no information on the receiver, the year of issue is also in question, the manufacturer is not installed. From the photographs it can be assumed that this is a DV, SV superheterodyne, built on the basis of the Micro receiver, the board from which is used to amplify IF signals, detect and amplify low-frequency signals. For each of the ranges, a separate local oscillator is used with a contour, a shifter and a body kit. For each band used its own magnetic antenna. Range switching (powering the GPA) is carried out using the KPI setting knob. Selection at an intermediate frequency of 465 kHz is carried out by an electromechanical filter, from the output of which the signal is fed to the input of the Micro board of the receiver. The output stage of the low-frequency amplifier as in the radio "Micro" here is also loaded on the low-impedance head phone of the type "TM-2M".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko