Signal-304 1985
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Since 1985, the Kamensk-Uralsky PSZ has been producing a radio receiver with a clock and a timer "Signal-304". ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The receiver of the 3rd group of complexity with a clock and a timer "Signal-304" provides reception in the DV and SV bands. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The timer device provides countdown of the current time and automatic switching on of the receiver for 30 minutes at the set time. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 There are connectors for an external antenna and a miniature telephone. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Powered by Krona VTs battery or 7D-0115 battery. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The body is made of impact-resistant black polystyrene (there was also a gray-brown). ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Sensitivity in the ranges DV 1.2, SV 0.8 mV / m. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 The range of reproducible sound frequencies is 450 ... 3150 Hz. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Rated output power 0.1, maximum 0.15 W. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Receiver dimensions 160x80x40 mm. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 Weight 450 g. ,86e6f450b8cc469628ba70bf2947b049 ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko