Etjud-603 1971
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Portable transistor radio "Etude-603" from 1971 produced the Minsk radio plant. From the beginning of production, the radio receiver was called "Etude-3", according to the design version, but a little later, "Etude-603". The numbers 603, mean that the receiver is out of class. The receiver is an upgrade model "Etude-2". The scheme of the new receiver differs significantly from that of its predecessor. For carrying the belt is applied in the form of the loop which is put on a hand. New silicon transistors of type KT315 are used as well as the PF1P-11 piezoceramic filter. The receiver circuit represents the possibility of a further transition to integral MS (did not develop). The receiver works in the ranges of DV and ST. The sensitivity in the range of DV is 3.0 mV / m, NE - 2.5 mV / m. 16 dB selectivity. Rated output power 60 mW. Loudspeaker type 0,1GD-13. Powered by battery Krona-VTs. Quiescent current 10 mA. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 148x80x25 mm, its weight is 230 g. The export radio was called "COMIX-102".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko